OK, so we're some of the lucky ones. We get to celebrate our Irish heritage every day through our dancing. We've got Irish tunes on the iPod practically on repeat. We indulge in delicious Irish treats at feiseanna every weekend. But in light of it being halfway to March 17, we figured, why not take a moment to think about one of the busiest days for an Irish dancer of the year?

Eh, then again, why jump the gun? Sure, St. Patrick’s Day 2012 is sneaking up on us, but there are a lot of things to look forward to before that…even before 2011 comes to an end. Here are some events we’re looking forward to the most. What can you add to the list?

- "JIG" is being released on DVD on this side of the pond Oct. 4.

- Halloween feiseanna like the Phoenix Halloween Feis Oct. 15 or the Mullane Healy Godley Academy Halloween Feis Oct. 29. What kooky costumes will walk through the doors? Can’t wait to find out!

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- Oireachtas season! Yep, the big regional championships are taking place in November and December. We can smell the sock glue and hairspray already.

- Maybe, just maybe, the return of another amazing Irish dancing flash mob like St. Patrick’s Day 2011? Alright, so that one might be a stretch but let a dancer dream a little.

What Irish dancing date are you looking forward to most before March 17, 2012? Share it in the comments below.

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