by PATRICIA MCNAMARA, Feis America Magazine contributor

Happy Halloween to all of our Irish dancing friends! From ghouls to goblins, we’re bound to be in for a spooky treat. But aside from the ghosts, creepy monsters and all, there are a few horrors us dancers never want to face—even after Oct. 31.

Here’s a list of the top Irish dancing fears bound to give us a “boo” no matter the season. Which are you afraid of most?

10. Forgetting your hard shoes at home.

9. False starting your set piece.

8. Losing your wig on stage.

7. Losing your shoe mid hornpipe.

6. Traffic—morning of a feis.

5. Colliding on stage with another dancer.

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4. Missing your rotation at the Oireachtas because you weren’t in the ballroom.

3. Forgetting your costume at the hotel/venue.

2. Running out of space in your house to put all the crystal, trophies and medals.

1. Having to give up all the Irish dancing fun due to injury/school/other personal reasons.

Have an Irish dancing fear to add to the list? Share in the comments below!

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