What’s the best way to get away with crashing a wedding party? Well, it helps if you’re a celebrity, and it’s an even bigger plus if you’re willing to do some impromptu entertaining (just ask Bono).

That’s exactly what comedian Amy Schumer, filmmaker Judd Apatow, and Frames front-man Glen Hansard did in Dublin last week.

Schumer and Apatow were in Dublin for the premiere of Schumer’s debut feature film “Trainwreck.” Hansard took them out for an afternoon on the town, and the trio wound up in Grogan’s, a pub off South William Street drinking Guinness.

The wedding reception of Eithne McAdam and J.P. Swaine was in the works, but they did not seem in the slightest bit bothered by the additional guests – especially not when Hansard led everyone in a sing-along of “The Auld Triangle.”

Who shows up for @jpswaine and Eithne's wedding only @amyschumer Glen Hansard and Judd Apatow pic.twitter.com/GxL1rIta9W

— Steve Cummins (@Steve_Cummins) August 14, 2015

Check out the video footage filmed by guest Pamela Kavanagh:

This second video is longer, but to watch it you must be logged in to Facebook and all right with tilting your head:

H/T Vanity Fair