Thanks to Amazon Prime, an online streaming service similar to Netflix, Americans are just now discovering—-and loving—the BBC show ‘Ballykissangel.’

The 90s drama centers on English priest Fr. Peter Clifford, played by actor Stephen Tompkinson, who is transferred to Ireland to begin his ministry in the rural village. The show helped launch the careers of many young actors, including Colin Farrell, Dervla Kirwan and Victoria Smurfit.

The show ran from 1996 to 2001 and was filmed in Avoca, County Wicklow.

Besides being recently made available for streaming in the US, ‘Ballykissangel’ garnered more attention when pop culture website Vulture named it one of the best TV shows on Amazon Prime.

While many reviewers have praised the “awesome story lines” and “the spirit and humor of the Irish” and the lovely Irish scenery” some American viewers just don’t get it, The Daily Edge reports.

Says Cynthia from Las Vegas: “It is soooo very British: young outsider priest dealing with his “eccentric” parishioners; bit of a cliche, that.”