Spending time in Killarney, Co. Kerry these hot summer days – and so was Kenny Rogers, the former country music king who played a couple of SRO shows at the INEC Killarney venue.

There were Rogers fans all over the place, and they came away happy with the “The Gambler” – even if he did shuffle slowly onto the stage and forget some of the lines to his classic songs, according to our spies.

Irish singer Nicole Maguire from Co. Cork opened his two shows and said Rogers was a perfect gent.  The 74-year-old is still getting around – last month he played the Glastonbury fest in the U.K. alongside the Rolling Stones and Mumford and Sons.

While in Kerry, Rogers planned to take some time to indulge his passion for photography.

“I want to get some time around Kerry and Killarney. I’ve heard so much about the beauty of those parts,” he told the Irish Examiner.