Lee DeWyze and Crystal Bowersox have both spoken about what’s next for their professional music careers.

Sassy, Bowersox has revealed that she is meeting up with record label executives next week and already has some plans for charity work in mind. The dreadlocked singer hopes to team up with fellow diabetic Bret Michaels to record some tracks.

This year's winner, the gravely-voiced and all round nice guy, DeWyze, says that he has already been in talks with about his debut album.

“It's been a crazy experience, the whole album-making thing, and talking and going to the meetings about it and everything," said DeWyze.

DeWyze’s first single, a cover of U2’s “Beautiful Day”, entered the iTunes charts at number two and after a number of days is still ranked at number seven.

He told expectant fans what they could look forward to in his first album. "I want it to be very earthy ... I'm looking to make an album that can really speak to everybody, good stories and good music to back it up, because that's the kind of stuff I like to listen to,” he said.

Bowersox and DeWyze will both record their albums while traveling through the United States on the “American Idols Live! Tour” which kicks off in Detroit on July 1.

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