Rory McIlroy and Tiger Woods should be quaking in their boots watching this three-year-old, Michael Patton, lobbing golf balls into a pretty small hole, at least 15 yards away, and adorably giggling all the while.

Michael’s father Rob, from Howth, in North Dublin, posted the video to YouTube saying, “My three year old chipping balls into his play house!! Phil Mickleson is jealous of his short game!!”[sic] and how right he is.

Back in the day Rory McIlroy showed the world he had massive golfing chops on a popular UTV talk show, “The Kelly Show,” chipping balls into a washing machine (see the video below). He went on to be the youngest golfer to win the US Open in 88 years and a top international golfing champ.

Let’s keep an eye out for young Michael Patton. Imagine what his short game will be like when he hits nine-years-old!
Here’s the video:

Here’s a nine-year-old Rory McIlory showing off his skills at the age of nine: