Pictured: Kyle Kohn, Connor Labo, and Collin Mountain
Boys under 8 Awards at Middle America Regional Irish Dancing Championships 2010  
Photography by Harrington

Twenty-two boys aged 9-10 were registered to compete at the All Ireland Irish Dancing Championships in Dublin Saturday. Among them were just five North American boys, all who have placed at both the 2010 and 2011 North American National Irish Dancing Championships.  Kyle Kohn from Mullane Healy Godley, Connor Labo from Flanagan O'Hare, Collin Mountain from Richen/Timms, Brant Rankin from Mattierin, and Liam Webber from Mulvihill-Lynch represented Middle America, Mid-Atlantic and Western Canada.

Sean Slemon from Rinceoiri na Riochta in the Munster region, Ireland is the 2012 All-Ireland Irish Dance Champion for Boys 9-10.  Jack Lynch, from Ui She in the Leinster region, Ireland took 2nd with Rian Collins from Doherty in the Midlands Region, England/Wales placing 3rd.

North America's top placement in this event was 2010 and 2011 North American National Champion Collin Mountain from Richens/Timm who placed 4th.  Three other North American boys also placed:  Brant Rankin from Mattierin was 7th, Liam Webber from Mulvihill-Lynch placed 8th and Connor Labo from Flanagan-O'Hare took 11th.  Webber, who has placed 2nd at both 2010 and 2011 North American Nationals, was the 2010 Mid-Atlantic Regional Irish Dancing Champion in Boys under 9.

Collin Mountain, North American National Irish Dancing Champion 2011
places 4th in first All-Ireland Irish Dancing Championship
photo courtesy www.dance.net and Photography by Harrington
Adjudicators for the Boys 9-10 competition were ADCRGs Des Bailey, Bill Maple, Colleen Mulhern, Pat Brady Mullins and Karen Petri.  

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Heavy round medals were awarded to Jack Lynch, Daniel Donnelly, Cian Cronin, Callum O'Neill, Austin Semple, Collin Mountain, Cathal Doughan, Thomas Comangelo, Joe Flanagan, Sean Slemon and Liam Webber. Light round medals were awarded to Jack Lynch, Daniel Donnelly, Cian Cronin, Ronan O'Connell, Callum O'Neill, Collin Mountain, Cathal Doughan, Rian Collins, Joe Flanagan, Sean Slemon and Liam Webber.

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