Molly McAdam at North American Irish Dancing Championships 2011.
Photo Feis America LLC

On Saturday at the All-Ireland Irish Dancing Championships in Dublin, 128 competitors were registered for the Girls 9-10 event including 20 North Americans.  This is the first time that these little dancers have been eligible to compete at the All Irelands, at the age of 9 turning 10 in 2012.  A roster of local and regional Irish dance champions and North American National Irish Dance Championship placers, these are the children whose competitive careers are already taking off.  An international journey and making new Irish dance friends from across the Atlantic Ocean is exciting, but these girls have also been working diligently to learn new steps and perfect technique and execution for this big event.

Registered dancers from North America for this competition were Bridget Abraldes from Mulvihill-Lynch, Caitlin Bradley-Tse from Nora Pickett, Madison Brower from Hagen, Bridget D'Amore from Tim O'Hare, Sara Doorly from Cummins, Maegan Fewell from Blakey, Emily Grace from Kelly-Oster, Emma Johnson from Hagen, Erin Karlok from Peter Smith, Simone Loysen from Culkin, Mairin McDonnell from Cummins, Emma-Jane McGeever from Butler-Fearon-O'Connor, Jadyn McInnis-Thorpe from Nora Pickett, Rachel Mintz from Ni Fhearraigh O'Ceallaigh, Clare Molony from Butler-Fearon-O'Conner, Grace Mullane-Godley from Mullane Healy Godley, Lisa Noonan from McTeggart, Maggie Rogan from Clarkson, Emma Smith from Trinity, and Kyleigh Tuma from Peter Smith.

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All-Ireland Boys 9-10 Results

Aeisha Coyle from Scoil Rince McConomy Bradley in the Ulster Region, Ireland is the new 2011 All-Ireland Irish Dancing Champion for Girls 9-10.  Molly McAdam from Kelly Hendry in the Northeast Region of England placed second.  McAdam is also the 2011 North American National Irish Dancing Champion for Girls under 9.

Adjudicators for Girls 9-10 were ADCRGs Des Bailey, Bill Maple, Pat Brady Mullins, Colleen Mulhern and Karen Petri.  
Pictured: Bridget Albrades, Mid-Atlantic Regional Irish Dancing Champion in 2011
and placed 3rd at the All-Ireland Irish Dancing Championships Girls 9-10 today.  Also pictured: Erin Karlok and Emma Johnson.
Photo courtesy Mulvihill-Lynch
The highest-placing North American in this event was Bridget Albrades, who proudly took third, the same spot she held at the 2011 North American National Irish Dancing Championship for Girls under 9.  The two-time Mid-Atlantic Regional Irish Dancing Champion from 2010 and 2011, Albrades gleamed as six of her friendly rivals from North America also placed.  Emma Smith placing 16th, Simone Loysen 23rd, Erin Karlok tying for 26th, Caitlin Bradley-Tse in 28th, Emma Johnson in 33rd and Emma Grace 35th.

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