Hollywood legend Al Pacino wants to make a movie in Ireland after falling in love with Dublin thanks to literary genius Oscar Wilde.

Pacino received a lifetime award from President Michael D Higgins at the city’s film festival on Monday night when he revealed his desire to return in a professional capacity.

In town to promote his own documentary on Wilde, Pacino told reporters of his love for the writer’s work and his new infatuation with all things Irish.

“I would like to make a film in Ireland some day so I could get around, see it, and be part of it and be with the people,” said the 71-year-old Pacino.

The Godfather star spent five years making his documentary on Wilde’s stage play Salome which was screened as part of the Jameson Dublin International Film Festival.

The work examines Pacino’s obsession with Wilde’s play as he directs and plays Herod with a small part of the documentary shot in Dublin, Wilde’s birthplace.


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“To come to this place where his roots are and to be allowed free reign, it was very beneficial to the movie, and I am just deeply grateful,” said the screen icon.

“I always feel so at home here, it’s great. In fact, I just want to do a movie here so then I could really stay for a while, get around and see it, and be a part of it.

“The authorities in Dublin were really gracious allowing me to film.”

Guinness is however off-limits for Pacino during his Dublin visit however. Accompanied by new partner Lucila Sola, he said: “I haven’t tried it, not yet, but I have to stay away from that - doctor’s orders.”

Pacino also revealed to the Irish Independent how he became captivated by Wilde after seeing his friend Steven Berkoff perform in Salome, leading him to direct and act in his own staging of the play in Los Angeles in 2006.

“I was taken to see that play and afterwards I guess, I grew to learn more about Oscar Wilde,” he said.

“Oscar Wilde was a trailblazer and a great artist. I am indebted to him. I’m stunned being back here tonight where Oscar Wilde was born, and maybe even a little nervous.”


Al Pacino and Irish President Michael D Higgins at the Dublin Film FestivalPA