Irish kid magician Aidan McCann pulled off some impressive magic tricks on The Ellen DeGeneres Show with a little assistance from the Jonas Brothers.

Joe, Kevin and Nick all made an appearance on the premiere of “Aidan’s Magic Corner” a four-part digital series on Ellen DeGeneres’ Ellen Tube.

The 10-year-old Co Kildare native dazzled the group with card tricks and eerily-accurate birthday guesses, MTV reports.

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The pint-sized, bespectacled illusionist first made an appearance on DeGeneres’ show last year. The show host and comedian was obviously impressed by McCann's skills and charm since she invited him back to host his own segment.

Introducing the new series of clips, the young trickster said: "Now that I've met Ellen, I thought I would take advantage of her impressive group of friends.”

“I have a lot in common with the three guests I have today. We all break hearts around the world,” he joked.

Check out the adorable Aidan McCann with the Jonas Brothers here:

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