After decades seeking to update its image as more than just a twee Irish airline, Aer Lingus will hardly be happy with the 'Saturday Night Live' impersonation led by Irish actress Saoirse Ronan on Saturday night.

Ronan played a flight attendant on what looked like an ancient Aer Lingus jet in the skit along with several SNL cast members.

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The first joke was as old as the hills, the fact that Aer Lingus if often referred to as the sex airline because it’s name is close to the sex term cunnilingus (look it up).

Then came the shamrockery: a dog was stranded on the runway, the captain leaves the cabin to find out it is his -- doh.

Then, the piece de resistance -- the menu.

It appeared the only item on the menu was -- you guessed it -- potatoes. The news was delivered by a very overweight flight attendant with fake red hair.

After years of seeking to change its image to a modern updated airline (which is now, coincidentally, owned by British Airways and their new flight partners), it was nothing but the same old stories.

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The last scene showed the captain leaving the cockpit again and a half dozen dogs exiting with him.

As a piece of satire, not very funny and for Aer Lingus, an uncomfortable reminder how others see the airline despite its upgrade. All we needed was a cow ambling down the aisle to complete the scene.