Well, hello!

We’ve previously featured some pretty incredible covers on IrishCentral.com, including a fabulous rendition of the “Friends” theme tune by these Irish lads and this trad musician’s use of nine fiddles to cover Michael Jackson, but this pair are so insanely good, they made it on the Ellen Show!

Extremely talented friends Glenn Murphy and Ronan Scolard decided to take on a big one - Adele - and not just focusing on one belter from the songstress but on a medley of some of her biggest hits.

A tall order, but they were more than up to the task. With Scolard stationed on the piano, he and Murphy transition seamlessly from hit to hit using some beautiful harmonies along the way. Treating us to “Hello,” “Someone Like You,” and “Turning Tables,” the original video has since been viewed ten million times.

Not only were the likes of Time magazine and Mashable blown away by the lads performance but it caught the eye of the pop superstar herself and she halted her recent world tour show in Dublin to drag the pair onstage so she could have a listen for herself.

Admitting to the crowd that she cried when she saw Murphy and Scolard’s rendition, she asked the Irish singers how they thought they could post it online while she was in Dublin and not expect her to invite them up.

With Adele swaying and singing along as she watched them from the back of the stage, the pair brought the house down.

From a YouTube video originally entitled a “casual cover,” Murphy and Scolard have since made it as far as the Ellen Show, where they talked about the once-in-a-lifetime experience on stage with Adele.

“She said, ’so I saw this video yesterday…of these two Irish guys, their names are Glenn and Ronan,'” they told Ellen. “So we stood up in our seats, waving really crazily, and she was like ’they’re here tonight and they’re gonna come up on stage now,’ and we were both like ’What?!'”

Murphy added: “I have never cursed as much in my entire life,” while Scolard claims he tried to stay calm for both of them until he realized that Bono, The Edge, Colin Farrell and Hozier were sitting in front of them.

After Ellen presented the Irish lads with some special Irish-themed Ellen underwear, they once again wowed the audience with their incredible musical talent.