A new film project with big names including Will Ferrell and Alec Baldwin already attached to it is set to gear up production in the next year. The film, titled, ‘Three Mississippi,’ is a comedy about rival families in their annual Thanksgiving football game.

Vulture reports that originally, Mark Wahlberg was attached to the film as well, since Will Ferrell’s producing partners, Owen Burke and Adam McKay, wanted to find a way to reteam Wahlberg with Alec Baldwin in hopes of recreating the pair’s “clever banter” they shared in Martin Scorsese’s Oscar-winning ‘The Departed.’

However, it now seems that a series of unexpected new projects have caused both scheduling and funding problems, effectively preventing Wahlberg from being in the film.

Replacing Wahlberg is Hollywood funnyman Adam Sandler, who will play Alec Baldwin’s son. The two are part of the family that typically loses the heated Thanksgiving tackle football match.

Adam Sandler to replace Mark Wahlberg in Will Ferrell’s ‘Three Mississippi’Google Images