Michael Madsen, the actor most commonly known as Mr. Blonde from Quentin Tarantino’s "Reservoir Dogs," felt like he was "coming home" while making his movie, “Strength and Honor," in Ireland.

Madsen loved filming in Ireland, but admits he had a difficult time perfecting a local brogue, despite his Irish roots.

"I play an Irish prize fighter in the film,” said Madsen. “We made it in Ireland, which was beautiful. My mother was Danish-Irish, so I kind of felt as if I was coming home.”

"I had to do an Irish accent and the local people were my worst critics,” he continued. “I didn't have a voice coach, I just picked it up. They told me I was quite good at it."

Despite his success throughout the film industry, Madsen insists he still feels like an outsider amongst his Hollywood peers.

Madsen said to Britain's Hello magazine: "You think that you've got to be an outsider, and then you realize that by doing that, you've yourself outside.

“Finally you say: 'I am who I am and I'm happy.' I don't have any apologies to make or anything to complain about."

Madsen recently slammed Brad Pitt, one of his co-stars in “Thelma and Louise,” apparently because Pitt didn't help him land a role in "The Assassination of Jesse James."

The role Madsen wanted went to Sam Shepard instead, and this put Pitt on Madsen’s bad side.

"Everybody's had enough of Brad Pitt. I've seen enough of him for a lifetime,” the Irish-American actor said.