Colin Farrell has slammed whiny movies stars who moan about the burden of  fame and the media focus on them.

The Irish actor’s remarks are sure to arouse controversy. He made them in an interview with USA Todaynewspaper.

"You don't want to be photographed by the paparazzi? Say no to the 120 million dollar film. Eventually they'll stay away from you," he said.



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"But you won't have the other things the 120 million dollar film brings into your life: the good seats at the sports event, the backstage pass to the concert, the nice reclining chair on the plane."

"Do I enjoy the paparazzi? No. I went through years of getting in their faces. It was such a disaster. It made my life so much more complicated."

The Fright Night star said the payoff was worth the hassle. "To be able to provide for my family. I'm not going to bitch about it. At times you feel like you have to apologise for being in big films."

The 35-year old star admitted he still gets a kick out of five star hotels. He said: "You're talking to someone who checks into the Four Seasons and gets giddy at what is on the menu and looks at the on-demand on TV and gets so giddy that I can have films that are still in theatres."

His latest film "Fright Night" is currently playing in theatres.