“Hangover” star Bradley Cooper says that acting alongside Liam Neeson in “The A-Team” has upped his game.

In the film remake of the classic TV series, Neeson plays Col. Hannibal Smith, the fearless, cigar-chomping leader of a group of Iraq War veterans who are on a mission to clear their name with the U.S. military after they’ve been framed for committing a crime they didn’t do.

The Irish acting vet is used to playing tough guys (think “Taken”), but his “A-Team” role requires him to show off his rarely seen comedic side as well.

Cooper, who plays “Face” in the film, says Neeson is handling the balance swimmingly.

"We're filming it right now, and he's fantastic,” Cooper said. “I think that people are going to love his Hannibal. He certainly raises everybody's game when you do a scene with him. He's an incredible actor.

"He's hitting notes I've never even heard of. Yeah, he's that good."

The American actor says that like the TV series, the “A-Team” film is a mix of serious content and funny antics.

"It's everything, you know, it's like, at its best, if we succeed in this movie, it'll toe the line of being both, which I think is the goal,” he said.