Aidan Quinn's new film, "32A" (as in the bra size), screened at the Craic Fest's gala reception in N.Y.C. on March 13. The sweetly funny Dublin-based coming-of-age film is a Quinn family affair - Aidan stars, while his sister, Marian, wrote and directed the flick.

"32A" is set in the 70s, where a baby-faced 13-year-old girl visits her first club, smokes her first joint and makes out with her crush for the first time.

But when she makes the common mistake of ditching her best friends for the local hot boy, she has a few things to learn about life and love.

Quinn plays the heroine’s father in a lovely, stoic Irishman performance that is as flawless and touching as the film itself.

“I read the script and I was just knocked out by what a simple gem it was. I was delighted to help my sister out and be a part of it and it turned out great,” Quinn said.

“I liked the role of the stoic Irishman hiding behind the newspaper. It reminded me of my own father. When we asked him what he wanted for Christmas his answer was always the same – peace.”

Quinn and his sister both grew up in the U.S. and Ireland, and they moved between the two countries with ease.

“I lived in Dublin in the time the film is set, and I remember all the things that are in the film. We lived in Clonkeen Road in Blackrock,” says Quinn.

“So we developed a short hand and we didn’t have to go into much detail about direction. Two of my nephews played my children in the film, so it was definitely a family affair. The scenes in the film were very similar to things that really went on around our table.”

Quinn recently starred alongside Ciaran Hinds in "The Eclipse," a forthcoming film adapted and directed by playwright Conor McPherson from a short story by playwright Billy Roche. The Irish film has been officially selected for the Tribeca Film Festival.

“I got to play a real out and out narcissistic American a**hole, which was great,” says Quinn, laughing.

“It’s a scenery-chewing role and I come to Ireland for a small town literary festival. I’m a very famous, pompous writer who’s trying to shag everything that moves. Full of my own intellectual brilliance and constantly complaining that nothing works right, you know?”

Asked what it was like to work with Madonna in the 80s hit "Desperately Seeking Susan," he is grace itself.

“For decades that’s been one of the most asked questions I’ve faced in my career. But the ironic thing is that it never happened. All of my scenes in "Desperately Seeking Susan" are with Rosanna Arquette. So I’ll tell you what Madonna’s like when I work with her.”

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