A lad from Old Ireland was a 1910 American made motion picture. It is the first ever production by an American movie studio to be filmed on location outside of the US .

It was the first ever American made film about Ireland and it encapsulated the dreams of millions of emigrants to return home to their beloved country and loved ones in the United States.

In August 1910, the Kalem Company of New York City sent director Sidney Olcott and a film crew to Ireland. There, Olcott first made A Lad from Old Ireland from a script written by Gene Gauntier. Shot by cinematographer George K. Hollister, the film was described in the publicity releases for its November premiere as "Kalem’s Great Trans-Atlantic Drama."

A Lad from Old Ireland told the story of a boy who emigrated to America to escape the desperate poverty of Ireland. After becoming successful in his adopted country he returns to retrieve his sweetheart just as her destitute family is being forced off their land.

The actors were mostly Irishand the scenes authentic depictions of the Ireland of the day.

The story boards are in German in this version as the original English version has disappeared.