The '8 Mile' actress died in December 2009 aged 32 from pneumonia and other causes, with her husband Simon Monjack passing away from the same illness just five months later, and now her life story will be played out on TV when Lifetime broadcasts 'The Brittany Murphy Story' on September 6.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, 'Last Man Standing' star Amanda Fuller will play the tragic actress, while Sherilyn Fenn of 'Twin Peaks' will portray her mother Sharon Murphy.

The made-for-television film will focus on the 'Clueless' actress' younger years and her mother's efforts to make her a star.

It will also include her death and the aftermath, when Sharon insisted her passing was not an accident.

A spokesperson for Sharon Murphy said she was not consulted for the movie and has not cooperated with the production in any way.

Lifetime have not revealed the source for the script material used in the two-hour production, which is the first full-length scripted project about the late star.

A documentary about Brittany's death, 'Autopsy: The Final Hours of Brittany Murphy' aired in the UK last week.