Robert Pattinson was working this weekend despite turning 25  on Friday. In Australia promoting his new film “Water for Elephants” the British actor told Australia’s B105 radio station: “I’m working — a really boring birthday.”

To celebrate his birthday we have come up with 25 of the best facts on the British actor.

1.    Jack Nicholson is his favorite actor “"I aspire to be Jack Nicholson. I love every single mannerism,”  Pattinson has said.
2.    He has two older sisters Lizzy,a  songwriter and Victoria, who’s involved in politics.
3.    He is a talented musician and can play both the guitar and piano
4.    Dad got him involved in acting after they both saw a group of pretty girls in a restaurant, who were all in a drama school together
5.    He height is 6' 1.
6.    He attended Harrodian private school in London alongside fellow actor and close friend Tom Sturridge.
7.    One of his first acting roles was that of a Cuban dancer.
8.    He has appeared in advertisements in a British outfitter called Hacketts.
9.    He is four years older than his on-and-off screen lover Kristen Stewart.

10.    Played the role of Salvador Daili in the 2008 “Little Ashes”

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11.    His dog is called Bear, whom he recued from an animal shelter in Louisiana while filming the final “Twilight” flick.
12.    His old agent used to promote the London born actor as male Keira Knighley.
13.    His middle name is Thomas.
14.    For the third year in a row, he was nominated for ‘Best Kiss’ at the MTV Movie Awards for his part in the “Twilight” movies.
15.    Injured himself on one of the first shoots of the “Twilight” saga when tried to pick up Kristen Stewart.
16.    He enjoys the music of Van Morrison.
17.    He was named E! online celebrity of the year for 2010.
18.    He was voted as the best screen vampire in 2010 by the Guardian U.K.
19.    Named by Forbes magazine as 14 wealthiest young millionaire last year.
20.    His father described “Twilight” as mixture between Jaws and Superman.
21.    His older sisters used to dress him up as a girl when he as young and call him Claudia.
22.    The British actor beat thousands of other stars to play the role of Edward Cullen in “Twilight”.
23.    He is not a fan of Ugg boots.
24.    Found it difficult to work with colored contacts every day while filming “Twilight”.
25.    He loves Cinnamon Toast Crunch for his breakfast.