Blaine Donovan from Celtic Steps in Colorado
2012 North American Irish Dancing Champion
Men over 20
Photo: Feis America LLC

Blaine Donovan clinched the 2012 North American Irish Dancing Championship in Chicago Tuesday after three strong rounds with a slate of outstanding competitors in the Men over 20 category.  Donovan, from Celtic Steps in Colorado, delighted the audience with impeccable execution and stunning choreography to secure his top spot on the podium.  With Jason Hays from McTeggart, Jonathon Srour from Broesler, Colin Barkell from Maple and Joe Harrison from O'Shea-Chaplin, Donovan is in outstanding company.

Men over 20 Results:

Blaine Donovan Celtic Steps : Western Region, USA 1
Jason Hays McTeggart : Western Region, USA 2
Jonathon Srour * Broesler : Mid Atlantic Region, USA 3
Colin Barkell Maple : Southern Region, USA 4
Joe Harrison O'Shea-Chaplin : New England Region, USA 5
Joseph Michael Davis Davis : Midlands, England/Wales 6
Mitchell De Simone Broesler : Mid Atlantic Region, USA 7
Casey Costello Short : Eastern Region, Canada 8
Kevin Mills Aaron Crosbie : Southern Region, England 9
Phillip Mottershead Brady Academy : Western Canada 10
Matt Coughlin Harney : New England Region, USA 11
James Reese Tir Conaill : Western Region, USA 12
Scott Graham Graham : Eastern Region, Canada 13

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Here is the Parade of Champions video from Tuesday's awards:

Michael Putman, from Dennehy in the Mid-America Region, won the 2012 North American Irish Dancing Championship for Men under 20.  In a competition with ten World Irish Dancing Championship medal holders, adjudicators had their work cut out for them in this competition.  Nick Paulson, who just won the North American Feis Commission Senior Belt, took Second Place with Brendan Mullane, Conor O'Brien and Ryan Broesler sharing the box.
Men under 20 Results:
Michael Putman  Dennehy : Mid America Region, USA 1
Nicholas Paulson  Broesler : Mid Atlantic Region, USA 2
Brendan Mullane  Mullane Healy Godley : Mid America USA 3
Conor O'Brien  O'Shea-Chaplin : New England Region, USA 4
Ryan Broesler Broesler : Mid Atlantic Region, USA 5
Ian Gott Irwin : Western Region, Canada 6
Peter Ryan Smith Houlihan : Mid Atlantic USA 7
Lorcan Balfe Butler-Fearon-O'Connor : Eastern Canada 8 Thomas Stewart Bell : Mid America Region, USA 9 Kelcey Steele McGing : Mid America Region, USA 10 Lucas Lawton Short : Eastern Region, Canada 11 Bryan Schneck Knock : Western Region, Canada 12 Ryan Murphy Gilleoghan : New England Region, USA 13 Martin Garfield-Levine McTeggart : Western Region, USA 14 Tim Ryan Broesler : Mid Atlantic Region, USA 15 Daniel Drew Peter Smith : Mid Atlantic Region, USA 16
Matthew Beckerle Clark : Mid America Region, USA 17  Brian Perry-Carrera from the Western United States division of Butler-Fearon-O'Connor, is the 2012 North American Irish Dancing Champion for Boys under 18.  Two of the Top 5 dancers, Ryan Barry and Alasdair Spencer, traveled from the United Kingdom to clinch the 3rd and 4th place spots.  World medal holder Fred Nguyen, from De Danaan in Western Canada, and Joey Roca from Glor na Daire in the Southern Region of the United States, rounded out the talented podium for this competition.
Brian Perry-Carrera
2012 Boys under 18 North American Irish Dancing Champion
Photo: Lauren Perry-Carrera
Boys under 18 Results:
108 Brian Perry-Carrera  Butler-Fearon-O'Connor : West 1
106 Fred Nguyen  De Danaan : Western Region, Canada 2
117 Ryan Barry McGahan Lees : Southern Region, England 3
130 Alasdair Spencer Matthews : Midlands England/Wales 4
105 Joey Roca Glor Na Daire : Southern Region, USA 5
107 Brian McLaughlin McGing : Mid America Region, USA 6
129 Ben Abelseth Blakey : Western Region, Canada 7 120 Rory Beglane Inishfree : Mid Atlantic Region, USA 8 118 Ryan Ostiller Butler-Fearon-O'Connor : West USA 9 115 Sam Davenport Rince Na H'Eireann : South, USA 10 122 Danny Doerksen Houston : Western Region, Canada 11 119 Billy Gracik Mullane Healy Godley : Mid America, USA 12 128 Thomas Lynch Reed : Western Region, USA 13
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