Joe Bitter from Carey, Birmingham, England
2011 British Nationals Irish Dancing Champion
Boys 16-17
photo courtesy

Nicholas Paulson from Broesler, MD/NJ
2011 British National Irish Dancing Champion
Boys 17-18
photo courtesy of Feis America LLC

Most of the boys' and men's results from the 2011 British National Irish Dancing Championships are in! Congratulations to 2011 British National Champions: Mark O'Malley, Boys 7-8; John Whitehurst, Boys 11-12; Daire Hanrahan, Boys 13-14; Sean Downes, Boys 14-15; Richard Murray, Boys 15-16; Joe Bitter, Boys 16-17; Nicholas Paulson, Boys 17-18; Cathal Keaney, Men 18-19; John Lawrence Morgan, Men 19-20; and, Jan Gaca, Men 20 & Over.

Special congratulations to Nick Paulson from Broesler in MD/NJ, the only North American male to clinch a British National Irish Dancing Championship in 2011, and Zac Warshaw from Short School in Canada, who placed 3rd in the Senior Men event.

Boys 7-8
Champion Mark O'Malley from Brian Geraghty, Roscommon
2 Michael Flanagan from Flanagan, Belfast
3 Joe Pavier from Inis Cara, Lincoln
4 Josh Owens from Cosa in Airde, Belfast
5 Kieran Flanagan from Lally, Manchester

Boys 11-12
Champion John Whitehurst from Carey, Birmingham
2 Gerard Byrne from McNelis-Cunningham, Donegal
3 Matthew Gardiner from Hession, Galway
4 Jack Roberts from Inis Cara, Lincoln
5 Tom Dunleavy from Coleman, Co Mayo

Boys 13-14
Champion Daire Hanrahan from Ui Ruairc, Limerick
2 James O'Farrell from Curley, Galway
3 Rory McElvogue-Heslop from McElvogue, Newcastle upon Tyne
4 Conor Walsh from Coleman, Co Mayo
5 Joseph Keegan from Ward-Mallinson, Manchester

Boys 14-15
Champion Sean Downes from McCutcheon, Glasgow
2 Macauley Selwood from Doherty, Coventry
3 Colm Molloy from Claddagh, Essex
4 Mitchell Hodges from Carey, Birmingham
5 Paul McCabe from Montgomery Taylor, Glasgow

Boys 15-16
Champion Richard Murray from Higgins, Waterford
2 Caolan McKeating-Lynch from Mulvenna, Belfast
3 Eoghan Murphy from Scoil Rince Mona Ni Rodaigh, Co Armagh
4 Luke McCusker from Fitzgibbon, Northwest England
5 Michael Gardiner from Hession, Galway

Boys 16-17
Champion Joe Bitter from Carey, Birmingham
2 Owen Sherman from Maguire-O'Shea, Essex
3 David Geaney from Rinceoirt No Riochta, Tralee
4 Conor Ryan from Scoil Rince Ceim Oir, London
5 Michael Gleeson from Morgan, Manchester

Boys 17-18
Champion Nicholas Paulson from Broesler, MD/NY
2 Garrard McNamee from McConomy, Derry
3 Dylan Millar from Inis Cara, Lincoln
4 Jack O'Donnell from Keogh Academy, Coventry
5 Declan Lyons from Morgan, Manchester

Men 18-19
Champion Cathal Keaney from Hession, Galway
2 Conor McGuire from Kenny, Birmingham
3 Alan Walsh from Coleman, Co Mayo
4 Niall McCarron from McCarron, Birmingham
5 Joseph Watson from Ward-Mallinson, Manchester

Men 19-20
Champion John Lawrence Morgan from Morgan, Manchester
2 Eamonn Sweeney from Morgan, Manchester
3 John McCullough from Keogh Academy, Coventry

Men 20 & Over
Champion Jan Gaca from Scoil Rince Ceim Oir, London
2 Conor Kennedy from Kenny, Birmingham
3 Zachary Warshaw from Short School, Canada

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