Irish musician Hozier took the world by storm with “Take Me to Church” - a single that took him from his attic in Bray, Co. Wicklow and hurled him into the spotlight.

Many artists have covered the song with added personal twists - with over 92 million views on YouTube and 182 million plays on Spotify, a few musicians are bound to give it a whirl.

Here’s a rendition unlike the others, though, by a cappella group “Melodores” from Vanderbilt University in Tennessee. It’s bound to give you full-body chills with its strength and passion.

They really blew judges away, and it ended up winning them the famous US a cappella competition “The Sing Off” on NBC.

Because he came from humble beginnings, Hozier told Elle Magazine that his friends make fun of him for how successful he's become: 

“They just make fun of me. They jump straight to jokes that I’m injecting heroin into my eyeballs and racing to an early grave with every success,” he said.

“The last year has been mental, but I don’t feel famous. Things are going great and I’m very happy, but I’m not famous.”