More than 100 chartered buses are standing by to ferry a sell-out crowd to a show by Irish singer Daniel O'Donnell.

The concert, which takes place at 2pm in Albany on Monday, is a yearly ritual for O'Donnell's legion of fans who usually only see him on PBS specials.

The buses will travel across the border from Canada and up from far-flung cities in Pennsylvania to see the "nicest man in showbiz."

Promoter Mark Fleming says they arranged for the buses themselves as well as selling tickets to the show.

Donegal man O'Donnell, 47, has done about 10 special shows on PBS and recorded almost 40 albums. He is hugely popular in Ireland and his shows are always sold-out both in America and Ireland.

"Seniors especially love Daniel," Fleming says. "He's personable with them. And he's a great singer of everything that appeals to a senior audience. They're just in love with him. It's an incredible thing to watch."

O'Donnell believes he is amazingly lucky to be able to work at something he loves. "As I grew up I sang anywhere I got the opportunity," he says. "I just loved it, always. I'm amazed sometimes at how successful I've been, and how lucky I've been. So many people don't get to do what they love in life. I'm just one of the lucky ones."

And, unlike many modern stars, O'Donnell always takes time after a concert to meet with his fans, posing for pictures, signing autographs and shaking hands.

"I feel fortunate to get to do it," he says, "And it's nice to meet people and get a feel for them close-up. So it's not a big thing for me to do."

A newspaper in England summed him up best when it said; "Coming from a family of Irish Catholics, the atmosphere he creates at his concerts is akin to a knees up at your Auntie Madge's, with Daniel the daft uncle who entertains everyone.

"The show fairly hurtles along, with jokes, self-deprecating anecdotes and silly faces. Daniel's dancing is the unapologetic dance of the embarrassing dad. He performs all this silliness with the confidence of someone who knows he is well liked -- adored by some -- yet without arrogance."