Here at IrishCentral we get asked all the time about Irish Studies programs. What follows is as definitive a list as we could compile. Any additions please email

Boston College - Center for Irish Programs: The Irish Studies Program at Boston College offers an interdisciplinary approach to the study of Irish culture and society. Individual undergraduate and graduate courses address social, political and economic history, literature, medieval arts, sociology, music, and the Irish language. The extensive Irish collections of the Burns and O'Neill Libraries enhance each of these and offer a wealth of resources to all Boston College students and faculty.

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Catholic University of America, Irish Studies Master’s Program: Offers a few undergraduate courses including Irish 101, Irish language and culture, and Irish 103.

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Celtic Studies Association of North America: The Celtic Studies Association of North America (CSANA) embraces all aspects of Celtic Studies and provides a forum that is unavailable in a discipline- or area-based organization. Members are interested in the languages, literature, history, folklore, music, art and archaeology of ancient, medieval, and modern Celtic cultures.


Concordia University School of Canadian Irish Studies: The School of Canadian Irish Studies at Concordia University was created with the joint financial support of the University and the Canadian Irish Studies Foundation. The academic programs of the School focus on Ireland’s complex history and rich culture, as well as the contributions of Irish immigrants to the social, cultural, economic, and political life in all regions of Canada. Over a dozen Irish Studies courses are offered annually in a range of disciplines, including history, literature, film, music, economics, language, theater, popular culture, theology, political science and geography. The School also offers A Major, a Minor, and a Certificate in Canadian Irish Studies from within the Faculty of Arts and Science.

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CUNY Institute for Irish American Studies, Lehman College: Lehman College offers a couple of Irish orientated courses to all undergraduate students. These courses range from general Irish studies to more in-depth Irish cultural studies such as Irish Language and Irish literature. Lehman College also offers a study abroad program to students enrolled in such courses. The Fulbright Commission Queen’s University Belfast Summer Institute is a four-week cultural and academic program for US students held at Queen’s University Belfast.

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DePaul University Irish Studies: The Irish Studies Program at DePaul University is an interdisciplinary field of study, offering an undergraduate Minor to students interested in examining the history, literature, politics, geography, religion, and culture of Ireland along with the worldwide Irish diaspora and the contemporary integration of Ireland within globalized systems of political economy, international relations, travel and communication. The Irish Studies Minor familiarizes students with a wide range of courses that explore Ireland and develop critical perspectives on its place in history and the contemporary world. The Irish Studies Program also invites guest lecturers from the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, and the Chicago community to speak to Irish Studies courses and in campus-wide events.

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Emory University Irish Studies Program: Emory’s Irish Studies Program thrives off of their tremendous strengths in teaching and research in Irish arts, literature and culture. The Irish Studies Program is housed within Emory's English Department and introduces students to leading scholarship on Ireland through courses, seminars, readings and lectures.

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Fairfield University Irish Studies: Offering an interdisciplinary minor for undergraduates, Fairfield University has a small, but robust minor program for undergraduates in Irish Studies, drawing from Irish subject-based courses in literature, politics, history, and art and a study abroad partnership with NUI Galway. We also have a thriving annual series of events that includes visits and performances by well-known Irish-Americans. Fairfield University also hosts the annual Irish Festival for Fairfield County each Father's Day weekend in June.

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Fordham University Institute of Irish Studies: Fordham University offers Irish studies as a Minor to all students. The Minor in Irish Studies is aimed at an understanding of the historical and cultural development of the Irish people, their language, literature, social institutions. This focus includes the significance of their contribution – intellectually, spiritually, artistically – to Western civilization and their experiences as one of the first post-colonial nations and of emigrant Diaspora.

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Georgia Southern University Irish Studies: Regardless of major or minor, every Georgia Southern student is welcome to experience its Irish Studies courses. Delivered with passion, these courses are available both on campus and through a summer semester in Ireland. There are multiple sessions available over the summer for studying abroad and also various scholarships that can be applied for.

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Harvard University - Department of Celtic Languages & Literatures: Offers an extensive graduate program that includes courses such as Irish language, Irish literature, and early Irish historical tales.

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Hofstra University Irish Studies: Irish Studies at Hofstra University is an interdisciplinary program with rich course offerings and events on Ireland's past and present. By studying the cultures, diaspora, economy, history, politics, and social relations of Ireland, we develop an awareness of ways that the Irish have both shaped and been shaped by other societies, including the United States. In addition to our undergrad minor courses, our program has also organized activities such as: a summer studies program in Ireland, annual film and lecture series on topics relating to Ireland, conferences and exhibits, and day-long workshops and summer classes designed to raise interest in Irish culture among youth on Long Island.

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John Brown University Irish Studies Program: John Brown University offers a graduate Irish studies program. This Irish Studies program is a six-week, nine credit hour program designed for all majors. The group of students travels around the island and visits sites connected to our studies as well as some of the most beautiful tourist locations in Ireland.

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John Carroll University – Irish Studies Graduate Studies: John Carroll University includes Irish Studies with varied graduate courses in: classical & modern languages and cultures (Irish language), English (studies in Irish literature), history (history of Ireland), peace, justice & human rights (Belfast, Northern Ireland Summer Institute in Peace Building) and/or theology & religious studies (early Christianity).

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Keough-Naughton Institute for Irish Studies, University of Notre Dame: The Keough-Naughton Institute for Irish Studies is a teaching and research institute dedicated to the study and understanding of Irish culture in all of its manifestations. Undergraduates can pursue an Irish Studies Minor and the Institute offers graduate students a Graduate Minor in Irish Studies. In addition, through graduate programs offered through the Ph.D. in Literature program, English and History, the Keough-Naughton Institute supports scholarship in all areas of Irish Studies. The Institute supports undergraduate and graduate students in their pursuit of Irish Studies and provides opportunity for language study, travel classes, semester and summer study in Dublin, internships in Dublin, conference support and more.

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Le Moyne College, Irish Literature Program: Le Moyne College offers Irish literature as a minor. This minor offers students the opportunity to concentrate on the literature of Ireland while gaining an understanding of its historical, cultural, and literary contexts. The program offers a variety of courses that give students an understanding of some of the trends and leading figures of Irish literature. Also, study abroad and summer language programs are options for the fulfillment of this minor.

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LMU Bellarmine College of Liberal Arts, Irish Studies Program: Irish Studies is an interdisciplinary minor designed to complement a wide variety of majors by providing students with an understanding of the historical and cultural development of the Irish people and the significance of their intellectual, artistic, spiritual, and economic contribution to world civilization, including their experiences as both a post-colonial nation and an emigrant diaspora. In addition to the minor study program, students can earn up to six credits toward the minor in Irish Studies in the LMU Summer in Ireland Program at Trinity College in Dublin.

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Loyola Irish Studies Program: A 4 week study abroad program in which students take 3 classes usually consisting of literature, film, and language. This program takes place at Trinity College in Dublin, and is only offered every other year (’12, ’14, ’16, etc.)

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Manhattanville College Irish Studies: The Manhattanville Irish Studies Program offers an interdisciplinary minor in the history and culture of Ireland and the Irish Diaspora, from the early Christian period to the present. Contemporary trends underscore the extraordinarily diverse character that Irish Studies has assumed in the last two decades. Also, students taking a minor in Irish Studies may take advantage of our cooperative Study Abroad Program with the National University of Ireland in Galway.

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Nova Southeastern University Irish Studies Minor: The Irish studies minor is at NOVA is an interdisciplinary program of study focusing on the history, literature, societies, and cultures of Ireland, including the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, and the Irish Diaspora. This minor can be combined with any major and minor. A minimum of 9 credits must be exclusive to the minor and cannot be counted toward any other majors/minors/certificate programs. In addition, students must take one or two travel study courses in Ireland.

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NYU Glucksman Ireland House: The M.A. in Irish and Irish-American Studies at Glucksman Ireland House NYU offers students a broad interdisciplinary curriculum that emphasizes new approaches to the field of Irish Studies modeled on the best methods of contemporary Humanities and Social Science scholarship. Courses taught by Glucksman Ireland House NYU faculty in history, literature, music, and cultural studies investigate the Irish experience in and outside of Ireland. The many archives and the vibrant Irish community of New York City offer unparalleled opportunities for graduate study. The M.A. in Irish and Irish-American Studies has been structured to offer students both a comprehensive grounding in the Irish Studies field, and the opportunity for in-depth course work and research in the new forms of inter- and trans-disciplinary scholarship characteristic of the best recent work in the field.

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Quinnipiac University: Quinnipiac offers a very specific Irish study program. Ireland's Great Hunger Institute is a scholarly resource for the study of the Great Hunger, which is also known as An Gorta Mór. Through a strategic program of lectures, conferences, course offerings and publications, the institute fosters a deeper understanding of this tragedy and its causes and consequences. The Quinnipiac School of Law also operates a summer program at Trinity College in Dublin. Law students, from Quinnipiac and other ABA law schools, have the opportunity to live and study on the Trinity campus.

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Regis University, Irish Studies Online Certificate Program: Regis University’s Irish studies Online is the first program of its kind in the world, it is an interdisciplinary introduction to Irish Studies, developed by the Centre for Irish Studies, NUI, Galway in partnership with Regis University in Denver. The purpose of the program is to provide a basic introduction to Irish life and culture through the disciplines of archaeology, history, literature in English and in Irish (presented in translation), political science and sociology, traditional Irish music and dance. The courses provide an overview of Irish history from the pagan Celtic world and the coming of Christianity, through to the cataclysmic famines of the 1840s, the establishment of an independent state in 1922 and Ireland’s integration into the European community which has been ongoing since the 1970s. Students can also obtain a Diploma in Irish Studies from NUI, Galway by successfully completing any 3 of the online courses and an Irish Studies Summer School at NUI, Galway in Ireland.

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Sacred Heart University - Irish Studies Minor: SHU in Dingle is a unique and experiential approach to the study of Irish and Celtic culture, history, language and spirituality based in Dingle in the heart of Ireland's West Kerry Gaeltacht region.

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Saint Mary's University - Irish Studies: Offers a 4 year Irish studies emergent program along with major, minor, and double concentration options. Courses consist of language, literature and history. Every summer study abroad scholarships are made available to a handful of students through The Ireland Canada University Foundation. The short-term program offers intensive study abroad programs in January and May of each calendar year, while the semester program offers study-abroad programs in both the fall and spring semesters. Both curriculums focus on Irish and Celtic history, culture, language, arts and humanities.

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St. Francis Xavier University - Celtic Studies: St. Francis Xavier is one of the few universities offering the study of Celtic languages and the history of the Celts from about 800 BC to the present. Students may choose to major or minor in Celtic Studies. Celtic courses may also be chosen as electives by students wishing to broaden their horizons beyond "mainstream" fields.

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Stonehill College Irish Studies: Stonehill’s Irish Studies program seeks to develop students’ cultural understanding of Ireland and, also, a wider understanding of the culturally pluralistic United States. Students choosing the Irish Studies minor will draw knowledge from many of the academic programs that are at the heart of a liberal arts education. Stonehill also offers chances for students to obtain Irish internships. Internships are available in a wide variety of settings including hospitals, government agencies, the parliament and a variety of businesses.

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Taylor University - Irish Studies Program: Taylor University offers a unique Irish study abroad program. The Irish Studies Program is designed for students to expand cultural and spiritual awareness by studying and experiencing the history and culture of Ireland. Irish literature, Irish history, Celtic studies, and contemporary Ireland comprise the core of the program's course of study. This program is enriched by exposure to Ireland's fine arts, exploration of the land and experience with her people. Reflection for personal growth occurs through residence life, guided discussions, and chapel. Students are encouraged to worship with local churches and fellowships.

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UC Berkeley Celtic Studies Program: The Celtic Studies Program is a degree program in the Department of Scandinavian at the University of California, Berkeley. Its purpose is to bring together faculty and students with interests in the cultures, languages, literature, and history of the Celtic regions. Students may complete an undergraduate major or minor in Celtic Studies. The program has an innovative linkage of language and literature-in-translation courses intended to allow students maximum flexibility in pursuing their studies.

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University of Colorado, Boulder, Center for British and Irish Studies: The Center for British and Irish Studies at the University of Colorado at Boulder promotes research and teaching in all aspects of British and Irish life, culture, and history. The Center contributes to teaching and research by offering an undergraduate Certificate in British and Irish Studies, interdisciplinary seminars for graduate students, and travel fellowships and event funding opportunities to support the study of British and Irish issues.

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UCLA Celtic Colloquium: UCLA Celtic colloquium does not have an Irish studies program per se, but does offer in-depth courses on Old Irish, Middle Welsh, Celtic Mythology, Medieval Celtic Literature, and Celtic Folklore.


University of Georgia, British Irish Studies: The British-Irish Studies Program (BISP) at The University of Georgia offers a certificate to undergraduates who have taken a substantial number of courses that focus on British Studies. These courses include the gateway course and at least two of our Irish study courses. The University of Georgia also suggests that at least one of the courses should be taken in Britain or Ireland.

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University of Massachusetts Boston, Irish Studies Concentration/Minor: The Irish Studies Concentration/Minor is an interdisciplinary program designed to provide you with the opportunity to study Irish and Irish-American culture, primarily by experiencing the imaginative power of Irish literature. In addition to the Irish studies concentration/minor, University of Massachusetts Boston has implemented a new aspect of the concentration/minor. This new addition is a summer course that culminates with an 11-day trip to Ireland.

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University of Missouri-St. Louis - Irish Studies and Smurfit-Stone Endowed Professorship in Irish Studies: The Irish Studies Program at the University of Missouri-St. Louis was founded in 2000 as a result of a gift from the Smurfit-Stone Corporation that created the Smurfit-Stone Corporation Professorship in Irish Studies. The program comprises monthly lectures on Ireland and Irish America, concerts, and a summer study abroad program at NUI-Galway. Classes in Irish and Irish American Literature, Irish History, and Irish Music are offered. The program is part of International Studies at the University of Missouri-St. Louis

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University of Montana Missoula - Irish Studies: The Irish Studies program at The University of Montana is an inter-disciplinary and inter-collegiate collaboration between the College of Arts and Sciences and the College of Visual and Performing Arts. This collaboration supports a minor that provides students with access to instruction, study and research in the fields of language, history, literature, film, drama, music and dance as well as the opportunity to participate in the preservation and promotion of the Irish language and culture. A programmatic focus on the central role of the Irish language and Gaelic heritage in Ireland’s history and culture and on the role of the Irish American diaspora in the western settlement of North America makes this a unique course of study among Irish Studies programs in America. Foundational to expanding our knowledge and understanding of the Irish experience in the west is the Gathering, an oral history project designed to collect the history, lore and traditions of the Montana Irish.

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William J. Flynn Center for Irish Studies at University of St. Thomas: The William J. Flynn Center for Irish Studies @ University of St. Thomas offers a variety of undergrad courses. These general areas range from Irish history and politics, to Irish studies and theology, all the way to Irish language and literature.

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UW Milwaukee Celtic Studies: The UW-Milwaukee Center for Celtic Studies provides interdisciplinary, international educational opportunities for UWM students. Our program includes on-campus instruction by UWM and visiting international faculty, as well as study-abroad options in Ireland, Great Britain, and Europe. We provide a wide range of course and research topics relating to cultures-both historical and modern—that share Celtic influence: the early Continental Celts and the Breton, Cornish, Galician, Irish, Manx, Scots, and Welsh peoples. Students can concentrate their studies on the Celtic languages, both spoken and written, or they may choose to investigate the broader themes of the Celtic world, such as art, archaeology, literature, history, folklore, music and myth.

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University of Wisconsin-Madison Celtic Studies: A six-week Irish Studies summer program is to introduce students to Ireland's history, literature, society and archaeology through a 10-day Orientation in Dublin, Galway, and on the Aran Islands, and five weeks of courses at the National University of Ireland, Galway Summer School in Irish Studies.

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Villanova University Irish Studies Program: Villanova offers both undergraduate and graduate study options. The undergraduate program is Irish Studies, while the graduate program is a MLA concentration in Irish Studies. Villanova also offers 2 types of study abroad summer options. The first is through the Villanova education department which is made available through scholarship. The second study abroad option is through the William J. Flynn Center for Irish Studies, which is a 3 week program that entails studying the peace and conflict in both Ireland and Northern Ireland.

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