Learn Irish for free online with this incredible course developed by some of Ireland's best Irish-language teachers. 

Learning any language is hard but one of the biggest difficulties for people around the world who want to learn the Irish language is that access to other speakers and classes of a high standard can be hard to come by if you don't yourself live in Ireland. 

With thanks to Dublin City University, however, this free online course has offered thousands of people around the world the opportunity to engage with Irish history and culture through the language and now it is back online for another run. 

Opening up on September 16, "Irish 101: An Introduction to Irish Language and Culture" will take you through some of the basics of the language, including pronunciation, greetings, blessings, and curses.

Yet, what sets this course apart from the other free online options such as Duolingo, is the historical and cultural context in which you'll be introduced to Irish, taking a look at Ogham and the first writing in Irish, as well as giving an overview of the Gaeltachtaí (Irish-speaking regions) and other cultural places in Ireland. 

"Ireland is home to a unique language and a vibrant Gaelic culture," the course description reads. 

"On this course, you’ll discover how Irish people drew inspiration from nature to create their own unique script and alphabet.

"You’ll explore Ireland’s rich culture of dance, Gaelic games, music, storytelling and literature. And you’ll gain an insight into the language of Ireland and the people who speak it.

"So take the first step on your journey to learn one of the oldest literary languages in Europe."

Running over the next four weeks, just four hours of weekly study is required to get you started on your Irish-language journey. 

You can sign up to Irish 101 here. 

Want to try out some other Irish resources to supplement the course? We have a guide to the best ways to learn Irish online for free here. 

Over the course of the next month, you can take advantage of this free online course that will give you the best introduction to the Irish language. Getty