Meet Ireland’s biggest fans: a group of South Korean students, mainly Tourism majors, competing against each other in a contest called “Send me to Ireland.”

The competition, hosted by the Irish Association of Korea, asks the students to create a short video about why they want to travel and study in the Emerald Isle. The general consensus? Guinness!

But in all seriousness, the students seem genuinely passionate about being immersed in the culture and history of Ireland, which is a wonderful turnaround from the recent incident in which an Irish teacher was turned down for a job in South Korea because of the “alcoholism nature of [her] kind.”

They can get pretty creative; one of the videos by a student with many Irish literary idols is staged as a love letter to Jonathan Swift. In another, a student superimposes himself into the streets of Dublin and has a stroll around town. And then there’s Guinness enthusiast Byeong Yoon, who made headlines for his enthusiasm (4th video).

Check out some of the submissions – they’re touching, really!