If you're planning a trip to Ireland in the future or just fancy connecting with your Irish roots by exploring the language, learning some basic Irish language phrases is a great place to start!

We take advantage of any excuse to use the Irish we have here at IrishCentral and would always encourage you to do the same, and so, to set you off on the right track, we’ve created a new series of videos to help any aspiring Irish-language learners with the very basics of the language.

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Follow our Irish video series “Gaeilge gan dua (Easy Irish)” to learn the introductory phrases and in no time you’ll be able to show off your new language skills to family, friends, or on your next visit to the Emerald Isle.

In each video, you can hear how the word/phrase is pronounced, see how it is spelled, and compare this to the phonetic spelling, ensuring you get to grips with the new sound system before you know it.

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And if you wish to learn a little more, check out our top ten ways to learn Irish for free to discover the many ways you can bring Ireland’s national language into your day-to-day life.

Or you can even discover the effects of the Irish language on New York slang and the Irish words you knew without even realizing it!

Lesson One: How to say "hello!" in Irish:

Easy Irish with IrishCentral - "Hello!"

Fancy learning a little Irish / Gaeilge? Read some of our favorite Irish phrases for Seachtain na Gaeilge, here: http://bit.ly/2XPUFyB

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* Originally published in 2016, updated in August 2020.

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