For more than twenty years, Donie Carroll’s music and songs have been heard throughout New York City and in many other areas of the United States as well. However, for the past few years, his voice and his music have been extremely important to the children of the Mercy Center orphanage in Bangkok, Thailand.

Under the direction of Fr. Joe Maeir, the orphanage houses nearly two hundred abandoned and/or abused children, one third of whom have HIV/AIDS. It’s situated in the slums of Bangkok, an area known locally as “the slaughterhouse.”

Donie and other traditional Irish musicians have been assisting Mick Moloney (folklorist, professor and musician) in introducing the children at the Mercy Center to music and song as therapy, as well as establishing music classes at the facility.

Sober St. Patrick’s Day® is extremely proud of the work that Donie is involved in and pleased to support him and the Mercy Center in their humanitarian efforts. We are also proud that Donie performs at our annual NYC St. Patrick’s Day event and is a huge supporter and promoter of our efforts to “Reclaim the Day!”

For further information, please visit the Mercy Center website