DUBLIN: Where else in the world would you want to be on St. Patrick's Day, given the choice, than in Ireland? The Dublin parade is guaranteed to entertain and bring joy to the locals and visitors alike. The Dublin parade is one of the most lighthearted, enjoyable parades around the world, which, in typical Irish fashion, pokes fun at themselves and has a great laugh doing so. This years parade, themed 'Extraordinary World', will take place on St. Patrick's Day itself and will feature highly original and inventive street theatre troupes, artists, giant puppetry, dancers and marching bands from Ireland and across the globe.

How about celebrating this Irish holiday in a t-shirt and mini skirt, green preferably. Sydney will host this years St. Patrick's Day parade on March 21 and as usual they expect blistering sunshine. Instead of green hats on sale vendors will be making a profit off green sunglasses. The Sydney parade guarantees to be fun filled and light hearted. It is expected that the 32 counties will all be represented at the parade and there will be floats, costumes and music in abundance. With Irish Australians comprising close to 10 per cent of Australia's population, it is no wonder that Irish influences and traditions persist to the present day. And being a good sport the Sydney town council agree to dye their many fountains green in celebration of the day.

It's the city that is synonymous for dying its river green for the Irish holiday. This year's parade will take place on Saturday, March 13 and is one not to be missed. People of all nationalities- claiming to be Irish for a day - celebrate St. Patrick's Day in style. The city allows marching bands, floats and hundreds of musicians to band together to have a blast. The river is dyed green early in the morning but the "recipe" for the color is kept under lock and key. It still however doesn't stop some late night party revelers attempting to jump in and see how the water tastes!

CHINA: How about going all out and traveling to the far east to celebrate the Irish holiday. You may be surprised to know that since 2007 Shanghai has been holding it's own - not so huge but very colorful (mostly green) - St Paddy's parade in honor of the Irish tradition and every swelling Irish population of China. On March 13th Shanghai's Irish community promises to turn Shanghai's downtown area into a frenzy of green by holding the 4th Annual St. Patrick's Day Parade and Carnival.

This year's parade will also celebrate Ireland's participation in the 2010 Shanghai World Expo. The festival is expected to attract over 2,000 people and become the biggest St. Patrick's Parade ever seen in Shanghai.

LONDON: This years St. Patrick's Day Parade in London will take place on Sunday, March 14 and promises to be one of London's liveliest celebrations of the year, and sure why wouldn't it be; the Irish know how to throw a party. Over 100,000 people attended the event last year.

The London parade brings colorful floats, marching bands and Irish groups from all over Britain to the streets to celebrate all things Irish. The London parade, like its counterparts across the globe, is always a great family affair and this year is no exception.
CANADA: The largest Canadian St. Patrick's Day parade occurs in Montreal each year. The parade, like all others, is based around an Irish festival of music and culture. This year's parade takes place on Sunday, March 14 and is expected to draw out tens of thousands of spectators to the streets. Albeit, a little more toned down than some of the others world's parades, Canada still now how to throw an Irish party.

URUGUAY: Okay, so they don't officially have a parade, but they do celebrate the Irish holiday. It's celebrated in Montevideo and Punta Del Este. In March the weather is nice and warm so people come onto the streets, dance (albeit not all Irish) and drink lots of beer into the early hours of the next morning to celebrate the Irish feast. Most people find something green to wear and enjoy the Irish music coming form the many Irish bars in Uruguay.

One of the biggest and brightest St. Patrick's Day parades in the world is held in Savannah, Georgia. So big in fact a member of the Irish government attends the parade each year. The parade, colorful and exciting and one of the most energetic in the world, travels through Savannah's Historic District. Again, being good sports, the city allows the fountains to be dyed green for the day that's in it. This year's parade is on St. Patrick's Day. This one is not to be missed.

Not to be left out, the St. Patrick's Day parade is held in Honolulu this year and it's an exceptionally fun event. If you're lucky enough to be vacationing in Hawaii or even better, living there, check this parade out. A trip to the beach combined with a few beers and an Irish parade makes for a good time.

NEW YORK: Outside of Dublin where else would you want to celebrate St. Patrick's Day? Only in New York. The parade is one year shy of celebrating its 250th anniversary and promises to be as good this year as in times past. The parade, which lasts several hours, encompasses the best of Irish music and organizations, which are proudly represented in their droves as they march up 5th Avenue on Wednesday, March 15th. New York goes green for St. Patrick's Day.