Irish parents expect a lot and get very disappointed when you don’t deliver. It gets even worse when the folks are trying to inculcate some Irish culture and heritage in you.

Here are some examples when parents can get upset.

1. No, I don’t want to go to see “Riverdance” or learn Irish dancing.

2. Can we go somewhere else other than Ireland this summer?

3. Can you turn down that awful “diddley-eye” music?

4. No, I don't think I’ll marry an Irish girl/boy.

5. I'll only stay out until 10pm after the St Patrick’s Parade.

6. I would not be seen dead in that Irish sweater.

7. Yeah, sure I went to Mass but I can’t remember which one.

8. I don’t give a shite that Mayo hasn’t won the All-Ireland in 60 years.

9. I know they are Irish, but U2 suck.

10. Black pudding is disgusting.

* Originally pubilshed in 2015.