1. He’s naturally nocturnal:

It’s ok, very few sane people are.

2. He got his start with one of the best:

Jon Stewart has taught Colbert (pretty much) everything he’s needed to get here.

3. He loves animals:

World’s luckiest kittens.

4. He understands the benefits of potassium in a well balanced diet:

Bananas are the apples of the aristocracy.

5. One of the best when it comes to ‘Working it’:

You can just feel the bass line in this gif.

6. He knows it’s ok to get embarrassed on air:

It’s ok Stephen, just blame it on an intern!

7. He is a humble man:

And understands why modesty is so important in the TV biz.

8. He knows a lot about a lot, but nothing as much as the "Lord Of the Rings" series.

I won’t even try to translate that.

9. He has the voice of an angel, that is complimented beautifully by Steve Carell’s:

So that’s what heaven sounds like…

10. He thinks well, not only on his feet, but also on imaginary skis!

That was an episode of “Whose Line” for the record books.

And a bonus reason...

11. Colbert fears nothing, not even the king of creepy: Stephen King.

The days Mr. King attends Red Sox games, Fenway Park’s temperature is said to drop five degrees.

The ever witty, ever controversial Irish American, Stephen Colbert, is the right dude to replace David Letterman.Comedy Central