We’ve seen that priests are eager participants in social media trends and lovers of the newest apps. They’ve created their own #ashtag for Ash Wednesday and my parish priest even gets a call on Viber from Santa Claus every year.

That said, the last thing we expected to see next was a Facebook hack from the pews.

Church-goer “Andrew” had left his phone at Mass (probably laid it down for the peace-be-with-yous) but he was in luck because Father P. McMahon came across it and contacted Andrew about its return. The means of communication? Father McMahon updated Andrew’s Facebook status and even coupled it with a selfie with his friends.

After warning poor Andrew about the dangers of leaving your phone unlocked, he assured him that the phone was in safe hands and its privacy was intact – “who knows what you adolescent boys be up to!”

The image has since been uploaded to Reddit and Imgur and we’d have to agree when it’s referred to as “the most Irish Facebook hack ever.”

H/T: Her.ie