RTÉ News & Chill? The flagship six o'clock news was interrupted a someone started to browse through movie options on Apple TV.

Perhaps you know the feeling when you get caught playing solitaire on your computer in the office, or texting during your shift. But when the whole nation witnesses you dossing at work.... well, that's a whole other story.

On Ireland's national broadcaster's flagship six o'clock news output, anchor Sharon Ní Bheoláin turned her attention to Washington Correspondent Brian O'Donovan. 

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As she began to ask O'Donavan about the previous night's Golden Globes, the green screen went blank.

Seconds later, the screen showed a person browsing through the movie selections on an Apple TV.

When you’ve to do a live report on @rtenews but someone wants to use the laptop to watch Netflix @BrianOD_News pic.twitter.com/X68WqGKLAR

— Darren Cleary (@RadioCleary) January 8, 2018

Impressively, journalist Brian O'Donovan didn't even bat an eyelid as the error was quickly rectified.

RTÈ News is no stranger to these types of bloopers. Newsreader Aonghus MacGrianna was previously left red-faced as cameras rolled to him applying makeup and fixing his tie live on air. Aforementioned anchor Sharon Ní Bheoláin was also once heard whispering to her co-presenter Ray Kennedy that his "job was safe...this time."

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