Put down your foclóir - "deadlaí" and "maightí" are the only Irish words we need now, thanks to RuPaul.

The tv personality, arguably the most globally famous drag performer of all time, took to Twitter to showcase his cúpla focail. 

The tweet was in honor of his friend and sidekick Michelle Visage, who has been appearing as a judge on "Ireland's Got Talent" since last August.

Visage, also a well-known American tv fixture herself, was propelled to fame mainly thanks to her role on "RuPaul's Drag Race" and as a commentator on the US coverage of the Eurovision Song Contest.

After RuPaul shared his knowledge of the Irish language on his Twitter account, the Internet erupted with glee over his convincing use of non-words like "sashayáil" (sashaying), "maightí" (mighty), and "deadlaí" (deadly).

A mhuintir na hÉireann! J an chraic? Cloisim go bhfuil mo chailín @michellevisage ag déanamh thar cinn ar @GotTalentIRL Is léir go bhfuil sibhse, na banríonacha, deadlaí agus maightí freisin, ach b’fhearr daoibh an obair a chur isteach nó is ag sashayáil away a bheidh sibh! pic.twitter.com/qP5VqD5gyF

— RuPaul (@RuPaul) February 16, 2018

Me- I hate being Irish
*@RuPaul tweets as gaeilge*
Me now- pic.twitter.com/V4RPEEXTln

— Steph Basnett (@stephaniebasxo) February 18, 2018

Way to speak gaeilge and support Irish culture! Go raibh maith agat!

— Reggie Elam (@darksidedginger) February 16, 2018

Can we get @RuPaul a fáinne please? Probably the biggest story about #Gaeilge this week... https://t.co/PXAqmNn6n7

— Daniel McAuley (@danielmcauley) February 16, 2018

Never knew how much I needed RuPaul tweeting as Gaeilge in my life until it happened

— Cian Murphy (@cian_murph) February 16, 2018

Oh my god RuPaul ag labhairt gaeilge! https://t.co/bhRzY6Zz6B

— Niamh O'Sullivan (@NiamhOSully) February 16, 2018

Mere hours later, a t-shirt inspired by his tweet was even available for purchase by clothing retailer Hairy Baby.

As of yet, it remains a mystery who the gaeilgeoir behind his tweet is. Alas, perhaps RuPaul is just handy with an online translator.

RúPól Abú!