380 births were announced in last year’s Irish Times baby announcements column with nine sets of twins of one set of triplets; the most popular names? Jack and Sophie.

Jack has remained in the top five most popular names in Ireland since 1998; Sophie didn’t even make 2013’s top 10, but the name topped last year’s charts with Sophia trailing behind as the second choice.

Though eclectic names like Wren and Dirren have slightly increased, statistics show an overall shift toward more traditional names for Irish babies in recent years like Mary, Paddy, Seamus and Nora.

Harry was the second most popular choice for boys while Benjamin, Conor, Daniel, Hugo, James, Max and Toby tied for third place.

Anna and Emily shared second place for the most popular baby girl name; Alice, Aoife, Ella, Hannah, Isabel, Lauren, Olivia, Rachel, Sadhbh and Zara held third place.

Thomas and Lucy were the most popular names in the birth announcements column of 2013.