This Cork man has blown our minds and become part of internet history after his card trick performance went viral.

Dave Duggan was out with his friends over the Bank Holiday weekend and after a few tipples he showed his friends his version of magician James Galea’s 673 King’s Street trick. Of course Dave’s version was told with typical Irish humor which had his audience in stitches by the end.

His mates posted the video the popular LAD Bible and in just a few days it already have over 5 million views and counting and it’s no wonder. He really is a wizard!

What’s even more amazing is that, as Dave admits himself, he’s a little worse for wear. We still haven’t the foggiest notion of how he does it.

The trick takes three minutes but the punch line is well worth the wait and his friends cackling with laughter.

Dave Duggan

Posted by Kieran Doherty on Sunday, May 31, 2015