Hilarious video of an Irish woman being chased by a goat is everything we needed. 

One Irish woman found out all about the Billy Goat gruff in this side-splitting video of her being chased inside her house by the animal. 

Katie Milner had ventured outside of her home in Donadea in Co Kildare to investigate the mysterious appearance of goats on the road. At the start of the video, her sister is filming from the upstairs window as Katie jogs up to the goats with her dog Montie to say hello to their visitors. 

Everything quickly goes wrong, however, and we bet she wishes she'd stayed well clear. 

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Wait until the second half of the video, however, when we see her own recording of the incident, complete with commentary (and screaming) as Montie runs to her rescue and allows her back into the house. 

If you haven't had a good belly laugh in a while, this is definitely for you. 

Just your average day in Donadea pic.twitter.com/bov8u8ub1X

— Sophie Milner (@sophiemilner981) April 10, 2019

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