An Irish Setter named Amber is being hailed as an Alaskan hero after saving her owner's life. The Alaskan State Troopers released a statement revealing the amazing tale.

Amber's owner was badly injured in a snowmobile crash and he was unable to move. Amber kept him warm overnight and then went to get help when she heard people nearby.

Local man Tom Taylor (68) alerted the Troopers. He said a friend of his had been riding in the Jake Lake area when the dog ran up to him.

The statement explained, “The dog, named Amber, led them approximately 400 yards to an injured snow machiner laying in the snow.

“The victim, Otis Orth, age 52, of Trapper Creek, had crashed his snow machine and had been laying in the snow since the previous day. Amber had remained with her owner, keeping him warm overnight, until she heard the snow machines go by.”

After the Irish setter raised the alarm two men on snowmobilers and multiple local cabin owners helped keep Orth warm until help arrived. Orth was conscious and breathing but could not move.

The injured party was brought to an Anchorage hospital where he’s said to be in a stable condition.

The troopers said, “Amber was turned over to a local acquaintance of the victim.”