March 20 is National Proposal Day 2018! We look back at this cute Christmas proposal from an Irish American couple. 

Sure there’s something romantic about Christmas - the fairy lights, the fireplace, the general feeling of love, the delicious scents of homemade food and drink. Christmas Eve actually beats out Valentine’s Day as the most popular night to propose, according to a UK study.

And so was the case for Irish American couple Kevin Moran and Molly McGinnis in 2014, when he proposed to his high school sweetheart of seven years in a photo booth that conveniently captured Molly’s four stages of surprise, excitement, happiness and tears.

The Pennsylvania couple was finishing up Christmas shopping before heading to dinner to celebrate their seventh anniversary when Kevin suggested they get their photos taken in a nearby booth.

Along with photographs, the photobooth recorded a video that gained almost 1.5 million views in just a few days. Oh, the cuteness!

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Watch here:

* Originally published in December 2014.