According to a recent survey about the relationship between sex and travel, Irish men are held in highest ranks looks-wise among world travelers, beating out Australians, English, and Italian men.

HostelBookers surveyed over 11,000 people about their love lives as it pertains to travel; the questions and results are quite interesting. For example, 14 percent of people said that Germans are most ‘hard to get’ sexually, 31 percent of Brazilians admitted to having cheated on their significant others while abroad, and 37 percent of travelers break up with their significant others before heading off on holiday.

But let’s get back to the hot Irishmen!

78 percent of women in the survey voted that the famously charming lads are of the “hottest nationality” on holidays. This is quite a turnaround from the recent results on Internet dating sites claiming Irishmen as the ugliest in the world in 2011, and third ugliest in 2014. We already knew that wasn’t true, but now HostelBookers has given us some sound proof.

It’s been the opposite for Irish ladies, however – previous studies have deemed them the most attractive in the world, but they didn’t make the cut on this sex/travel survey. Russian women were ranked number one.

Other recent survey results collected by the Irish Independent are apparently telling of how the Irish act on holidays as well:

41 percent of Irish vacationers take naps during the day while on holiday and only 19 percent make efforts to go out and party. 23 percent would give up daily coffee or tea for a month and 11 would suffer the flu for 48 hours in exchange for a holiday. Forty eight percent have broken up with their significant others over travel.

Apparently, sex and travel go hand in hand in quite a few ways. Do you agree that Irish is the hottest nationality among males?