To help people deal with the summer heat and humidity, late-night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel decided to send his sidekick Guillermo Diaz to give haircuts on Hollywood Boulevard.

The first person to step up to Guillermo’s swivel chair was 21-year-old Diarmuid Higgins from Co. Offaly, who, as Kimmel noted, “really do[es] have red hair.”

As Guillermo, who had never cut anyone's hair before, took the clippers to Diarmuid’s red locks, Kimmel asked the Irishman a few questions, mostly about his “hair of flame,” and what he was up to in LA.

Higgins said he’s the only red head in his family and that, no, he has never worked as a clown.

He’s visiting San Diego for 3 months (possibly on the J-1 summer visa) and Kimmel was relieved to hear he would not be going on any interviews with the new haircut.

Upon learning that Higgins is from Offaly, Kimmel replied “Oh! Well, you’re going to get your hair cut awfully!”

See for yourself how it turned out: