Who’s going to be a millionaire? The Irish inventor of a spider catcher, named the Spider Catcher, if arachnophobes around the world have anything to do with it.

Tony Allen, originally from Dublin and now living in Fermoy, County Cork, created the Spider Catcher because of his son’s arachnophobia and his wife’s complaints about marks on the walls after he had “disposed” of the insects. The device, which works like a grabber usually used as a mobility aid, scoops up the insects so they can be removed the house, thus sparing them from an untimely demise.

After a great deal of hard work from the entrepreneurial inventor his product is now in demand worldwide. The Spider Catcher is now on sale online, through TV ads and in stores such as Walmart and even the gift shop in London's Natural History Museum. The Spider Catcher has already won a Gold Medal with distinction at the Geneva Inventors Show and has starred in numerous TV shows.

Genius right!

The device uses two rings of concentric bristles, which gently scoops up the spider, even from the narrowest corner, allowing the spider to be released safely outside, unharmed.

What’s next? you might ask. According to RTE Allen is working on an ash tray cover for outdoors, which won’t look like an ashtray. This idea is already attracting interest. He also have a full patent on a Pooper Scooper bag.