A store owner from Skibbereen, County Cork, could be about to hit it big in Japan later this month when he features on one of the country’s biggest TV stations as a world-record-breaking bra opener.

In October 2013, Sean Murray set out to break the record for opening as many bras as possible in a minute to raise funds for breast cancer. After months of honing his technique, he unclasped 91 double-hooked bras with one hand in a minute, breaking the previous 69-bra record set by Dutchman Dennis Storm the year before.

The Irish Examiner reports that the Japanese TV production company, Collaboration Inc, has sought permission to screen its video of Murray’s 2013 charity stunt on one of the country’s most popular TV shows, The World’s No 1.

If the video makes it on to the show, it could be seen by some 10m people.

“I certainly didn’t think it would get this big,” Sean told the Irish Examiner.

He said he is working on another charity stunt for later this year.

“It will involve undergarments, but it will involve two hands this time,” he said.