The way this TV character pronounces a popular Irish town is nothing short of awkward.

Irish people don't miss a trick. They certainly didn't miss a beat when Netflix original series "Atypical" made a hames of mentioning a well-known town.

The coming-of-age show, now in its second season, follows autistic teenager Sam as he meanders through life.

In one episode, Sam's older sister Casey is sitting down reading a book when she appears to read something out loud about Athy in County Kildare....well, not that that would be obvious to most listeners. We have to say, hearing Kildare pronounced as Kil Car is definitely a first. 

Gotta love Netflix and their lack of research into pronunciation of places in Ireland

— Erin (@Erin_Killoran) September 9, 2018

For the record, it's Ahh-thigh, and Kill-dare.

We're cringing, but we also can't stop rewatching this clip.  Judging by Twitter's reaction - we're evidently not alone either.

Netflix, you've got some explaining to do!

Nobody gonna talk about Athy and Kildare being mentioned in Atypical but being pronounced athee and kildahr

— Up Da-Rragh (@darcoleptic) September 9, 2018

It's been about 3/4 days since I watched it but I can't stop thinking about the way Athy and Kildare were pronounced in Atypical. Shocking stuff.

— JL (@JESS_LEONARD_) September 12, 2018

In Atypical, Casey reads Henry Shackelton's Wikipedia page out loud and he's from Ireland so the pronunciation of "near Athy, county Kildare" literally hurt me. I could excuse the pronunciation of Athy but she literally called it KILDAHR

— Li'l Feeky B (@FiachraBissett) September 16, 2018

The funniest part of #Atypical season two is in episode 8 the way Casey pronounces Athy and Kildare in Ireland to Sam 😂
Had me cracking up for a good ten minutes.

— Rebecca 🏳️‍🌈 (@rebeccalynchy1) September 15, 2018

Atypical butchered the pronunciation of Kildare 😂😂

— Aoife (@AoifeMairead_) September 12, 2018

The way Atypical pronounced Kildare is a crime

— aine (@getawaycarIRE) September 10, 2018

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