The annual ritual that is transfer night arrived last week with some big winners and losers as the night ended. In contrast to prior years when clubs could not lose more than three players to one club, this season Armagh and Donegal took major hits to their battalions. Rule seven of the official rule states that “a club may not receive more than seven transfers in a given year, no more than three of these from one club.” On this occasion, however, the Orchard County lost a total of 10 players, with six moving to Celtics. Donegal also lost four players to Celtics in what was a rejuvenating night for the minor club and former senior squad. In total Celtics received 15 players, and they have core starters in Derek McKenna, the Traynor brothers and Danny O’Sullivan, with a youthful exuberance provided by Rory Creegan, Kevin McArdle and Kieran Patten. Armagh lost at least eight starters from the sides that reached the semifinals over the last three years. Close behind Celtics in rewards received were the FDNY. Jonathan Daly, Dave Garvey and Terrence Flynn from St. Barnabas are all bona fide senior players, while Paddy Maguire and John Walsh are capable of starting in the middle for a senior team. They shoot to the top of the rankings at junior level. Roscommon is a side in the new intermediate division that also received impressive newcomers in Shane Russell, Martin Slowey and Lonan Maguire, but certainly Danny O’Sullivan, the aforementioned Walsh and Kenny Cox are a big loss for the Rosses. At senior level, the biggest movers were Robbie Moran and James Mitchell from Leitrim to Down. A coup de grace for the Mournemen, who are not resting on their laurels after a final appearance in last year’s championship. Brian Newman left Cavan to go to the Kingdom alongside Justin O’Halloran, who was the 10th player to leave Armagh. Both will bolster a side whether playing at junior or senior level. A relatively quiet day at the office for the other senior clubs, with Leitrim hurt the most with Aiden Power also leaving for Tyrone to make it a total of five headed out the door. It was for the most part a junior buy and sell on the evening. While certainly the players should be allowed to move when they desire, some interesting concepts were heard in the aftermath of the transfer night. One suggestion was making the transfer last for two years that would negate the attraction of players moving every 12 months. A noticeable fact, however — just six of this year’s 43 strong group were on the list last season if memory serves correctly. Sitting out there at the end of the night were some players in limbo. St. Barnabas had moved a letter to the board that would allow their players to draft this season. The fact that they were coming down from senior based on the rulebook would negate that possibility. Mayo had also submitted a letter where they requested that they would stay at the intermediate level instead of dropping to junior. Both of these items are in the hands of the GAA executive board. The list of players that moved is as follows. (For the first time in recent history, no hurlers changed allegiance.) Finbarr Flood, Cork to Mayo; Rory Creegan, Donegal to Celtics; Kieran Patten, Donegal to Celtics; Dermot O’Sullivan, Armagh to Celtics; Kieran Traynor, Armagh to Celtics; Chris O’Connor, Donegal to Celtics; Shane O’Connor, Donegal to Celtics; John Joe O’Sullivan, FDNY to Celtics; Aiden Traynor, Armagh to Celtics; John McArdle, Armagh to Celtics; Kevin McArdle, Armagh to Celtics; Danny McKenna, Cavan to Celtics; Derek McKenna, Armagh to Celtics; Danny O’Sullivan, Roscommon to Celtics; Ollie Flynn, Mayo to Celtics; Kenny Cox, Roscommon to Celtics; Martin Slowey, Leitrim to Roscommon; Lonan Maguire, Armagh to Roscommon; Shane Russell, Leitrim to Roscommon; Gary Shannon, Armagh to FDNY; Pat Maguire, Armagh to FDNY; John Walsh, Roscommon to FDNY; Dave Garvey, St. Barnabas to FDNY; Jonathon Daly, St. Barnabas to FDNY; Terrence Flynn, St. Barnabas to FDNY; Thomas Furlong, Rockland to FDNY; Georgie Doyle, Dublin to Astoria Gaels; Gerard O’Neill, Offaly to Astoria Gaels; Robbie Moran, Leitrim to Down; James Mitchell, Leitrim to Down; Stephen O’Shea, St. Raymond’s to Rangers; Phil Kennedy, Dublin to Rangers; Peter Kelly, Tyrone to St. Raymond’s; Aiden Power, Leitrim to Tyrone; Mossy Dore, Mayo to Kerry; Justin O’Halloran, Armagh to Kerry; Brian Newman, Cavan to Kerry; Brian Dennehy, Cavan to St. Barnabas; Tim Quaid, Kerry to Offaly; Shane McCafferty, Mayo to Rockland; Dean O’Connor, St. Raymond’s to Sligo; Steve Gomez, St. Raymond’s to Dublin; Fergal Mulvanney, Dublin to Monaghan. Winners — Celtics 15, FDNY 7, Kerry 3, Roscommon 3, Rangers 2, Astoria Gaels 2, Down 2, St. Ray’s 1, St. Barnabas 1, Dublin 1, Tyrone 1, Mayo 1, Rockland 1, Offaly 1, Sligo 1, Monaghan 1. Losers — Armagh 10, Leitrim 5, Donegal 4, Mayo 3, St. Barnabas 3, Roscommon 3, Cavan 3, St. Raymond’s 3, Dublin 3, Offaly 1, Rockland 1, Tyrone 1, Cork 1, Kerry 1.