Google adds Irish to list of supported languages

Good news for all you tech-savvy Irish language speakers (Gaeilgoirí) out there – Google has just added support for the Irish language (Gaeilge) on its email service, Gmail. The new language option launched after a team of Google employees and Irish language speakers and experts came together to translate over 60,000 words.

Speaking about the launch of the Irish language option, Google Localization Manager Laura Brassil said: “Language is the foundation for communication and an important part of cultural identity and according to the last census 1 million people in Ireland speak Irish…This project was a global effort with our teams in Mountain View, CA , Zurich in Switzerland and here in Dublin working together with Irish language experts who volunteered their time to make this happen.”

You can make the switch to Gmail as Gaeilge by following the instructions here.

Gmail is one of the most popular email clients in the world, with 425 million users and it is available in 71 different languages.