Overcrowded stores, crying children, exhausted sales staff and anxious parents? If your holiday shopping experiences are anything like ours, finding that perfect gift for your family and friends can become the nightmare before Christmas.

But never fear! Every day for 12 days, IrishCentral will be bringing you gift inspiration and exclusive deals from ShamrockGift.com.

ShamrockGift is a US-based site specializing in authentic, unique gifts from the Emerald Isle and they have a great selection of gifts, from Aran sweaters to bags of Tayto crisps, ensuring that you’ll easily find something for all your Irish loved ones – or even for yourself!

Using the code “12 Days” readers will get a 12% discount on two different ways to wear your Irish heritage: this historic Guinness t-shirt and this snuggly Aran cardigan. The deals so far include: Irish knit scarves and gorgeous Aran sweaters.

Readers also get free shipping and a bonus free Irish gift with every purchase!

Distressed Guinness Blood’s label tee

The Blood Wolf company was based in Liverpool in the 1800’s and bottled Guinness for the export market. Back then the bottlers of Guinness put their own label on the products as a bottling factory was seen as more prominent than the manufacturing process. This factory only bottling Guinness for the export market and this is why the label is unique. The label is a feature of the then Guinness Stout logo and the factories logo in the blood orange color.

This Guinness Tee features the Blood, Wolf & Co logo on the front. The back of this T-Shirt features the traditional Guinness logo in the same blood orange color as the front. This Tee represents the history of Guinness while looking great and fitting comfortably.

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Women’s Aran cardigan

Combining the cozy warmth of a sweater with the versatility of a jacket, this Aran cardigan is composed of merino wool for a silky smooth finish against your skin. Available in a natural color that remains true to the famed sheep’s wool, it provides you with a neutral hue that can be mixed and matched with various colors to create chic outfits. Highlighting the traditional designs of Irish knitwear, it includes a cowl neck for added warmth as well as two spacious pockets to protect your hands or hold your must-have items. Timeless and elegant, it would make a stunning addition to any woman’s wardrobe.

Boasting a classic Irish design, it features the beloved Aran cable weave. Closely related to the Aran culture, the cable stitch resembles fishing ropes. As the tradition goes, this cable design conveys warm wishes for a fruitful and rewarding day. While originally designed to tell one’s unique story, the modern-day cable knit is a classic symbol of timeless sophistication.

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