If your holiday shopping experiences are anything like ours, finding that perfect gift for your family and friends can become the nightmare before Christmas.

But never fear! Every day for 12 days, IrishCentral is bringing you gift inspiration and exclusive deals from ShamrockGift.com.

ShamrockGift is a US-based site specializing in authentic, unique gifts from the Emerald Isle and they have a great selection, from Aran sweaters to bags of Tayto crisps, ensuring that you’ll easily find something for all your Irish loved ones – or even for yourself!

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The other deals so far include: Irish knit scarves, gorgeous Aran sweaters, two trendy ways to wear your Irish heritage, the perfect Irish winter attire, all the fixings for a full Irish breakfast, and limited edition Celtic design jewelry.

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Men's 100% Irish Wool Sweater

This men’s wool sweater is made in Ireland using authentic Aran stitching patterns. The material is 100 percent Worsted Wool. On the outside, the wool is a light neutral color. On the inside, the wool is black and very soft for added comfort. Its thickness creates insulation and helps keep the wearer warm in cool to cold temperatures. When paired with a long-sleeve shirt underneath, this stylish sweater can be substituted for a jacket. The unique Aran pattern gives it a versatile enough style that it can be worn with dressy slacks or even casual denim pants. This sweater’s excellent quality makes it a long-lasting garment that every man can appreciate. Buy it to add to a personal wardrobe or to give as a gift.

The wool used for this sweater comes from sheep living in high altitudes. Their wool is used because of its softness, lightness and insulation qualities. Sheep at higher altitudes have wool that blocks out the cold better. However, it is still lightweight enough to make this sweater comfortable and not too heavy. The softness of the wool makes it cozy and warm.

People who are familiar with Aran patterns will recognize this technique on the sweater. Aran stitching is an old art form. It was originally started in the Aran island region of Ireland. In that region, most people were fishermen. They had to spend days and weeks on rough and cold seas. For this reason, they needed warm, lightweight and resilient clothing. The thick stitches of these types of sweaters provided what they needed. Different patterns were used in different areas of the island region to identify where people were from.

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Women's Lined Lambswool Knit Cardigan

A lined lamb wool cardigan is the perfect choice when extra comfort is needed. The thick roll down neck is the perfect barrier to icy winds and cold winter air. A combination of lambs and merino wool make the cardigan and plush, soft garment.

The design and materials used are authentic and of course all of our ranges are made in Ireland. The Celtic patterns make this a sophisticated and versatile piece capable of dressing up some skinny jeans and knee height boots. This is classic winter fashion at its best.

Inspiration for the designs is drawn from the Irish landscape that surrounds the Carraig Donn company who designs and produces this clothing range on Irish soil. The classic grey color will go with any accompanying trouser or skirt combo. This is a very simple and stylish piece that will bring comfort to any wearer, that is a wool cardigan guarantee.

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